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Personal Trainer Certification Workshop in New Hampton, New Hampshire. Health, Fitness and Nutrition Coach? You Can Become One! If you are looking for new working fields and a maybe even looking for a new career, this article might be perfect for you! Fitness Instructor It´s really not a bad idea to plan a career as a fitness instructor these days. The field attracts 22 M people annually, so the field needs more instructors and professionals in general. You should start learning about the certifications you can get and what suits your goals better. If you want to take it serious I would recommend you to check the standard certifications, recognized by leaders in the fitness community: NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies). You should define your path, your specialty: to help find that, you should consider the problems you want to face, or the problems around the neighborhood, the way that people like to train. There is a big difference between a personal trainer and a certified group fitness instructor, it´s only a matter of picking one. Options on the list: MMA Coach, Functional Training Specialist, Speed Agility and Quickness Specialist, Yoga Instructor and so on... Personal Trainer Certification Workshop in New Hampton, New Hampshire. To really make sure you are heading to the right path, you should take a look on some common misconceptions: 1) I´ll be my own product and that´s easy and fun – yes you can be your own product, your own business, but that means you have to work really hard, get good certifications and grow a sustainable business while still working many hours training your clients. 2) I will get paid and get ripped, or paid to work out with people – again, there is a lot of study and preparation to become a coach, specially in fitness and nutrition, if you want to get into this, your goal should be to train and teach other people and not yourself. Personal Trainer Certification Workshop in New Hampton, New Hampshire. 3) People will be happy and grateful – People can always make things hard, right? Not all people get happy going to the gym or even say thanks after getting an instructor help, you should expect all kinds of moods at work. 4) Fitness is easy money – Even if you have your own brand and business, there is a lot of work behind any success, it´s not different in the fitness field, you have to get really good at your work to build a name as a coach. Group Exercise Instructor The good thing about becoming a Group Exercise Instructor is that you have a wide range of business opportunities and an endless career. Some career options include: Working at a gym, health clubs, fitness center, spa or resort. The training sessions can always be indoors or outside. If none of the previous options seem to fit, you can work as a consultant, being guest on Tv and Radio Shows, podcasts etc. Anyway you can use social media like facebook to advertise your work, your name, your brand, you can even do some skype sessions with clients. If you have the “itch” and desire to win, it´s just a matter of starting it, just look for the right certifications, the market is endless! Personal Trainer Certification Workshop in New Hampton, New Hampshire. Nutrition Coach If you already have any kind of fitness business, you can improve it with a Nutrition Coach, these days people understand that proper nutrition is the foundation that separates good athletes from great athletes and the best for any business: it helps your clients get the results they need. There are many Nutrition Coaching programs but you have to find one from trusted sources and professionals, the NESTA Sports Nutrition Specialist program provides you with the knowledge to be a trusted source of sports nutrition information. The knowledge to differentiate between nutrition fact and nutrition myths. Nutrition can be confusing to your clients, with conflicting opinions and ideas about the fuels to choose, with so many dietary supplements available, and what and how much to drink. The NESTA Sports Nutrition Specialist Program cuts through all that hype and provides you with a scientifically sound program that is based on science with strategies that work in the lab and on the field. You will also learn how to enhance your client’s workouts and maximize their results with proper nutrition, safe and effective sports supplements, and beneficial vitamins and minerals.

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